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If you're new to the game check out the excellent guides available on Rustafied, or the Facepunch Blog and forums.

If you need help on this server ask for an admin - there may (not) be one available.


Server map wipes on the 1st Thursday of each month. Blueprints wipe whenever Facepunch forces that to occur.

If you're new to the game the "forced wipe" is used by Facepunch to introduce new, major features into the game. When the game wipes the map typically changes, all player made structures vanish, and everyone basically starts over. However, you do retain any blueprints you learned.

Toxic Behavior

Play the game, have fun. Don't be a racist.


The server is vanilla, except it is configured with the "respawn reset range" to 5000 meters.

This is different than the default of 50 meters. This means when you respawn at a bag/bed every other bag/bed you own within 5000m of your respawn point will have its cool down timer reset as well. If you die again, you will not be able to respawn at any other bag/bed within that range unless the cool down timer has run down.

In essence what this means is that one cannot easily defeat an automated turret capable of distinguishing friend-from-foe using nothing but a couple of sleeping bags.

Some people really hate the cool down timer, and we understand that - but on a low pop server where most of the players are offline at any given moment a single individual gains a massively unfair advantage without such a cool down in place.

Just think of it as the death penalty that's missing from Rust in general.